Friday, October 26, 2007

Gackt's world wide take over

This is fairly big Gackt news.

It wasn’t enough that he starred in the ever so awesome Fuurin Kazan...

or that he picked up a fan base of Gackt obsessed, drooling 40 to 60 year olds (and older) because of this role

or that he is the first Asain artist to release his entire discography on I-tunes in 22 countries

Or because two of his DVDs were released in America and Canada recently to high sales numbers

or because starting today, (10/26/07) Gackt’s Diabolos will be sold in over 18 european countries.

Now he gets an honor held at the Apple store in Ginza where there was a press event for his world-wide advancements.

Gackt always said he’d be taking over the world... and he’s starting to show signs of doing it!

Gackt said that he still has a long way to go, and he wants to tour Europe, America & Asia and bring Japanese culture to the world.

he was also quoted as saying something to the effect: Fans around the world have been waiting... the time has finally come!

There’s no stoping him now!
There’s no stopping him from touring the world!
There’s no stopping him from coming to America!
There’s no stopping him from giving me free front row tickets and a backstage pass to his show!

Oh COME ON! A girl can dream ne?

In other Japan News.

Gackt’s Fuurin Kazan Co-star, Uchino Maasaki who plays main character Yamamoto Kansuke, finally tied the knot with long time girlfriend and mother of his 1 year old daughter Rio, former Takarazuka star, Ichiro Maki.

They met while working on the musical "Elizabeth", and got engaged in 2006. Congrats to both!

(Thanks to Gakuhai for the pic, and to Anaria for the heads up on the news.)

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He looks awsome here...and more healthy which is good ;oP