Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gackt on Cover of Josei Jishin

Gackt appears on the cover of Josei Jishin (A Japanese woman's magazine).

The article appears to be about Gackt and longtime friend, Yoshiki.

the bad habit of YOSHIKI" every morning 3 hour training weight 9 kg UP body making before the scuffle suns/size.

According to the Josei Jishin preview on their website : * Gackt: it is in the bad habit of YOSHIKI before the scuffle.

So... it appears to those on the outside who haven't had the chance to read the article, that YOSHIKI and Gackt possibly had a fight or at least, argument before the June Anime Expo concert in California.

According to the S.K.I.N. myspace fanpage ,

[quote] Even though the concert was a victory, back stage, the musicians immediately nit-picked and fussed over the tiny mistakes that went unnoticed by the fans. [end quote]

-(Webmaster of S.K.I.N. fanpage)

So perhaps there's some validity to the "Argument/scuffle" rumor. I guess it would depend on if they were fussing backstage about their mistakes as a whole, their own personal mistakes... OR if they were nitpicking eachother's mistakes.

It would stand to reason... 4 very big names in 1 band... eventually there'd be a fight for who the Alpha Male will be in a band of superstars.

However- according to blog runner: Gakuhai... Josei Jishin is not known for its irrefutable accuracy. So you'll have to find a way to buy the magazine... and come to your own conclusion.

I'll post more details as they follows.

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