Saturday, July 14, 2007

S.K.I.N. Fanpage Interview

I had a chance to ask a few questions about the recent S.K.I.N. Concert from someone who was there. The answers were as follows.

Q. How many people were in attendance? Was it a decent crowd?

A. it's hard to estimate how many people were there, but it was a very good sized crowd, and everyone showed lots of enthusiasm, excitement, and pure joy during the show.

Q. Were the 4 songs performed in English, Japanese, or a Mix of both English and Japanese?

A. The 4 songs performed were a mix of English and Japanese.

Q. did they mention any other songs being in the works, or are they currently seperating to work on their seperate projects?

A. YOSHIKI has stated that they have already recorded some 7 or 8 songs. Although some members are focusing on their own solo careers as well as S.K.I.N. For example Miyavi's upcoming summer tour, as well as YOSHIKI working on an X-Japan 'reunion'.

Q. Just how good is Gackt's English? Is he as fluent as he once bragged?

A. I personally don't know much of Gackt's previous English, but he was fairly fluent, the only times his English could not be understood was when it was drowned out by screaming fans.

Q. Did they mention an ETA for an album release, or for that tour they talked about?

A. There is not yet any confirmation of dates, but there is a US tour confirmed, as well as YOSHIKI stating that he wouldn't mind touring Europe. It can be assumed (if S.K.I.N. takes priority over X-Japan) that a tour would begin around September or October, after Miyavi's upcoming solo tour.

Q. If there was mention of a tour, did they mention if it would be limited to only major places like in California or New York, if it would be mainly anime conventions, or if it would be Nationwide hitting places like Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit and so on?

A. While nothing has been confirmed, Gackt has mentioned that they wish to top world charts, and be the first Asian group to achieve that sort of fame. And as such, it can be assumed that they would do a tour all over America. But as said, this is all speculation at this point.

Q. Anything else you feel Fans like me, who were unable to attend the concert at Anime Expo should know about the S.K.I.N. concert?

A. S.K.I.N. has thus far proven to be an absolutely amazing band, with songs varying from 'head-bang' type rock, to instrumentals with classical instruments. S.K.I.N. represents some of Japan's most talented artists. Now that they have officially begun, they need fan support now as much as ever. Let's show the world that Japan's artists can rock just as hard as anyone else. ^_^


Special thanks to the Myspace S.K.I.N. Fanpage Moderator for the interview

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