Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shojo Beat Gackt Interview

Gackt is featured in the latest issue of Shojo Beat - an anime/Japanese magazine that's popular here in America.

You can pick it up almost anywhere they sell anime/manga stuff., Suncoast videos, Hot Topic, Barnes and Nobles Book Sellers, your local comic book/manga store, or on the official Shojo beat site.

The article includes an English Gackt interview as well as a few pictures from the Asian Drug Party Tour.

You can read the interview HERE at the Shojo Beat official site. Its actually a very interesting little tidbit. Its definately worth having if you're a Gackt fan. This is the magazine to have as a collectable.
If you miss the magazine while its on sale on the shelves... you can probably buy it on back order. This is Volume 3, issue 8.

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Eponishta said...

What could be better than Gackt and Shojo Beat? Since I love both, nothing...

Thanks for the heads up.