Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Gackt

Gackt Camui turns 467 years old on this day!

Or 34.

Depends on how old he wants to be this year.

Happy birthday to our hero Gackt!

Recently, I gathered a few fan letters that mutual fans I know wrote for Gackt, and placed them on a tidy little webpage I decided to call a virtual card. Then I forwarded those birthday wellwishes to Gackt via his official website (Which is actually now simply

Speaking of his official site - besides the shorter and easier to remember URL, there is also a new hot look for fans to enjoy!

I'm still waiting for them to Jazz up the sites for the other languages (they have Korean, English, and Chinese besides the original Japanese)... but... at this point, I'm just happy they even added an English version of the site at all.

That means, perhaps, we're one step closer to an international Dears fanclub?

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