Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gackt once again on Fool's Mate

Gackt once again will adorn the cover of the popular Japanese Magazine, Fool's Mate.

According to the translation, this is a special deluxe edition dedicated to Gackt, Gackt's single Returner~yami no shyuen~ and to his work with the "superband" S.K.I.N.

When talking about S.K.I.N. they called it a "rumored superband" so just how "new" the information will be, I can not guarantee anything... but they do promise pics.

For more information you can visit the Fool's Mate page dedicated to this edition. If you're looking to purchase a copy, you can wait for someone to post it to Ebay, or you can buy it HERE for $16 US.

Gackt will also be appearing on the cover of the NHK magazine. Inside are more pictures of Gackt and the cast of Fuurin Kazan.


Anonymous said...

"According to the translation"
So is there a translation available? Can you please give me a link? Thanks!

Aravyndra said...

It is a Japanese magazine, there is no English counterpart. you may want to try and google Gackt fansites that may have Japanese speaking fans that do translations. At this time, my japanese isn't good enough for a full and acurate translation of the article.